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Kim Barker, Social Media Coordinator with It's Closing Time Realty

Kim is the Social Media Coordinator for It's Closing Time Realty. She regularly writes content for our blogs, promotional posts for social media networks, and material for our websites. Kim researches numerous articles and stays current with today's real estate trends. As the Social Media marketing Coordinato, Kim is also responsible for driving traffic to our online properties using strategic social media marketing, newsletter marketing efforts and to create constant brand awareness for our agents at It's Closing Time Realty. She has very strong verbal and written communication skills. Her knowledge of the different platforms is a critical part of Kim's position. She also analyzes and sorts through a plethora of data to create weekly reports based on those metrics to draw insights from the previous month’s interactions. What kinds of content performed the best on our social media marketing efforts? What were our most popular blog posts for the previous month? How can we adjust our posting schedule to maximize our reach? Kim uses all of this information and insights to determine how we can best serve our clients and our realtors to maximize the value of those social media channels.